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Logan Fullington

Logan Fullington is the BSR Productions resident photographer/videographer. 

My name is Logan Fullington. I am an artist from Durango, Colorado, focusing on capturing Earth’s Art on my quest to learn the ways of nature! For the past five years I have dedicated my heart, soul, and eyes to finding a way to show the world the strength of Earth through media... Photography, Film, and even Stories. 

My favorite works will be found all in this Digital gallery but here are some examples of my favorite projects:

  • A short documentary about the new method of healing "Messages of the Cold" for Rocky Mountain PBS' program Colorado Voices.

  • A short documentary about a Skate Boarder called "Free, Will" during the COVID times

  • The Bigger World photo collection of panoramas  of my favorite places.


In documenting my travels, I have captured various locations such as the Southwest and West Coast of the US, in addition to my adventures in Mexico and Chile. This my true passion, to connect with humans and to protect the beautiful life on this Planet. My goal is to create documentaries of Earth to show how inspiring it can be and to use film to help connect humans with the strength of our true place of being, Nature.

To purchase a print, schedule a shoot, receive a quote, or inquire about booking/management, contact Logan at:

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