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Fast Heart Mart


Short Bio

Hold on tight for Fast Heart Mart’s fast banjo songs, laugh at his funny story songs and contemplate the sad ones.  His message is to encourage the world to follow their bliss and live life passionately. From old time country to modern rock, to story telling rap and back to punky-bluegrass, Fast Heart Mart wins over any audience with his “Punkgrass” music and crowd heckling stage banter.

Medium Length Bio

      I was born Martin Stamper and I earned my moniker when I passed out and died a few times and was finally diagnosed with a heart condition that makes my heart fibrillate or race? "Fast Heart Mart"! Don't worry, I now have a defibrillator that shocks my heart back into beating so I can keep singing songs about questioning the system, the Big picture, and other fascinating things! I hope my music is very interesting and funny and not so loud that you feel like you couldn't turn to a friend standing beside you and chat a bit and that you can hear the lyrics. I mean it gets loud in parts, but on the whole I hope it's a reasonable volume?  I sing, play guitar, banjo and harmonica sometimes by myself (solo) and sometimes with a band. My music is a blend of rock-folk-punk-blues-grass-raga OR Sonic Folk-Rock for short.

     Established in 1999, I have toured a lot in my Volkswagen Vanagon (32,000 miles on vegetable oil), played shows from coast to coast in the USA, toured both islands of New Zealand, released about 10 albums, and opened for some really great musical acts, such as The Handsome Family, Jeffrey Lewis and the Junkyard, Beck (unofficially twice out on the street at his concerts, though he thanked me once), Golden Boy (Elliot Smith's guitar sidekick) Calexico, Railroad Earth, Nathan Payne, Ok Go, Lucero, Megan Jean and the KFB and tons of my friends' amazing bands.

     Click (here) for a more Detailed Bio.


Fast Heart Mart

I have chosen to follow the teachings of Bahá'u'lláh as closely as I can since 1997. Followers of Bahá'u'lláh are called Bahá'ís. Together Bahá'ís practice the Bahá'í faith. Basically, Bahá'ís want world peace and believe that Bahá'u'lláh has left us teachings to achieve this. Bahá'ís believe all the world religions are from the same source. Please write me or talk to me at a performance with any questions about the Bahá'í faith. 


My Life as a Musician

My Thoughts on the Coronavirus Pandemic

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